human voice

Customer Satisfaction Research 2.0

Vess360 analyzes true human emotions out of the ‘human voice’

‘From traditional measurement (NPS) to voice Intonation Analytics (Voice-NPS)’

Transforming sentiment into actionable insights

Hassle free customer satisfaction data collection! 

Vess360 is 5x more realiable

Get a ‘Voice NPS’

Covers your entire target audience ( meaning, you know the sentiment also of customers who don’t fill in a survey, most likely you best target audience).

Recorded conversations are analyzed by the Vess360 Engine

Vess360 detects the 6 universal emotions out of voices

Vess360 shares the results in dashboards and infographics

Satisfaction is an emotion

Voice Sentiment analytics (Voice-NPS) is is 5 times more reliable,

 than text and numbers (NPS)!

How humans share emotions:

(in percentages*)
* Professor Emerites of Psychology - Albert Mehrabian

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