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Discover hidden trends and improve (customer) conversations

From detecting sentiments in human conversations to actionable insights

Transforming sentiment into actionable insights

By identifying the sentiments as well as the topics from voice interactions, Vess360 allow organizations to improve employee and customer satisfaction, and act on changes over time.

Recorded conversations are analyzed by the Vess360 Engine

The Vess360 Engine captures the emotions and context of the conversations from the voice analysis

Vess360 shares the results in dashboards and infographics

It's in the voice

The war for talent and customers is on the rise. Employee retention is at risk, new talent is scarce, and customers are more willing to switch providers.

Response rates and the usability of old-fashioned surveys are declining. They lack actionable and comparable insight into emotions and sentiments. It is the emotion and sentiments in human voice interactions that are better indications of satisfaction than written text alone.

By identifying the sentiment as well as the topics from voice conversations, Vess360 allows organizations to improve employee and customer satisfaction and act on changes over time.

How people express "liking"

(in percentages*)
* Professor Emerites of Psychology - Albert Mehrabian

The Vess360 Ecosystem

Vess360 is an AI engine that detects and analyzes sentiment in voice conversations, providing insights into single and across multiple conversations. The Vess360 Ecosystem consists of 3 solutions:

Vess360 Big Data Solutions

Vess360 Big Data Solutions

Provides organizations with the analysis of all inbound and outbound calls, including Teams Meetings.

Allows organizations to:

  • Analyze employee and customer sentiments at scale
  • Get insight into changes in sentiment over time
  • Identify potential problem areas before they escalate

Vess360 Teams App

Provides team leaders with the analysis of individual Teams Meetings.

Allows team leaders to:

  • Capture and analyze the sentiment of individual meetings
  • Increase the quality and effectiveness of their meetings
  • Improve team interactions and grow as a team leader
Vess360 Survey Bot

Vess360 Survey Voice Bot

Helps survey organizers capture the sentiment on individual questions.

Allows survey organizers to:

  • Reach out and get better insight into the actual sentiment of individual questions than a written survey would do
  • Analyze and compare the sentiment of multiple interviewees per team or group

Ready to see Vess360 in action?

Are you interested to learn more about Vess360 can do for you and your organization? We are getting ready for a pilot phase where we will be working with a select number of organizations to measure the heartbeat of their organization. 

We still have room for more organizations to join the pilot so apply now if you are interested!

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